Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 7 March 2009

Time for Change

I think it’s about time we start living up to our limits, our capabilities, our intelligence. Oh, I know what you’re thinking now… here’s this woman who wants to discriminate against mentally challenged people, get them off the streets, out of our lives. You couldn’t be farther from the truth since I believe even mentally challenged people have really bright spots sometimes, they’re just not allowed to show them. My thoughts go into a different direction entirely.

We can all have a “bad” day every once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with it. It happens.
But here’s what I proclaim: Let’s base our lives on our intelligence. From the moment you’re being woken up in the morning, everything is based upon your intelligence for that day. Open your eyes, answer 3 questions. That’ll already determine if you get to make your own coffee/tea/whatever or if it’s safer for you to get coffee at Starbuck’s or maybe you don’t qualify for coffee at all.

You want to take a shower? Well let’s see how well you master the intelligence questions… Shower? Bath? All a matter of your intelligence.

We’ve all seen mom in the minivan, screaming kids in the back, eating breakfast & talking on her cell phone at the same time. Do you think she should share the road with the business man, who’s late for work, drinking his coffee while programming his Garmin or the girl on her way to class yapping away on her cell phone while applying her makeup? Put yourself in the mix and you’re in for potential disaster. Who wants to share the road with stupid people? Exactly, nobody does! Why not base traffic solely on intelligence? Smart people get to leave for work/school first, stupid people last since it’s unclear if they’ll even make it there.

Oh you have to go to some government agency? The DMV, Social Security office, what have ya? Well, it won’t just be “take a number please” anymore. Answer your intelligence questions and you’ll be assigned a number and a row. We value your time.

Another great place to apply the intelligence rule is, of course, the internet. Depending on your intelligence you have access to so much internet. There’s no reason for stupid people to access websites they don’t understand in the first place. Answer your intelligence questions and you’ll have access to the www, the ww, or, as a friend of mine called it, the wwduh.

Life will be so much easier for all of us if we lived up to our capabilities and wouldn’t have to feel ashamed when we have a “bad” day anymore.



  1. I can totally buy off on this. Or at the suggestion that people show personal responsibility and test themselves.

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