Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 30 March 2009

Things are noticed about men

All men are jerks. Seriously you ask? Nah, I’m just kidding but a friend of mine asked me to use it as my opening line and there you have it.
I don’t know how I came up with the idea of making this a blog post instead of just tweeting the main ideas, but it seems to make sense. There are a few things that (most) men have in common and I’m really not sure why they do the things they do. I don’t mean to judge them, it’s just something I noticed.
First of all, I’d like to ask: Why do men treat their cars like a garbage heap? I mean seriously, what’s so difficult about taking the garbage with you when you exit the car? Some men seem to have half their lives stacked away in their cars, including the majority of sad remains of meals consumed, mainly fast food boxes and bags, empty soda or coffee cups, cans and bottles, empty cigarette packs, at least 3-4 lighters, clothes and of course dozens of CD’s and CD cases, although the CD’s never actually are in their cases.
Something else that makes me wonder about a man’s motives is the fact that they love to make plans, but rarely ever follow through.
Another thing I always wondered about was why does it take men so long to fix things? The other day I had to go out and change the windshield wipers of my car. It was the first time I had to do it all by myself, before that, I always had someone there to do it for me or I watched my man at that time to change them on their cars. Since it always took a long time, I assumed that it’s really difficult and not as easy as the commercials make it look. After finding the right wipers for my car, I returned expecting the worst. I examined the installation photos closely because, I figured, I need to take them off exactly opposite of putting them on. Sure enough, as soon as I found the little handle, it was no problem taking them off. Putting the new wipers turned out to be just as easy as soon as I figured out how to read the pictures properly. Overall, it took not even 5 minutes. The men in my life before always took much longer, and when I asked random men about it, this was blamed on the variety of windshield wipers available and how they all have different installation mechanisms. Guys, please… You know exactly which wipers are the easiest to change, so don’t try to show off and pass something off as extremely difficult only because you have a girl with you. Don’t try to create the impression that we would be so lost without you! Honestly, we love you just the way you are and only because we’re just as capable of doing everything ourselves doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate having you around and take the garbage out for us or change the occasional light bulb.


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