Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 21 May 2009

A letter to the VA

Dear VA,
What the hell are you thinking? Is it your purpose to completely take apart your veterans’ lives? Who is to say that veterans with HIV cannot live happy lives? Sure, there are some who take it harder than others. But honestly… prescribing anti-depressants to someone who isn’t even depressed??? Someone who just needs a mild stimulant to fight fatigue as a side effect of his medication??? You must be kidding. Oh, and did you look at the list of side effects? This medication contradicts everything we were trying to achieve!!!
Do you have prejudices against people with HIV? I already know you’d rather let them die than let them live productive, happy lives. HIV is a disease that can affect everyone, regardless of color, sex or sexual orientation. You should therefore NOT try to take everything away from those with HIV! Do you really think HIV gives you the right to take everything away from the patient? Do you really think that veterans with HIV cannot/should not have fulfilled sex lives? Having a sex drive does NOT mean the veteran will go out and have unprotected sex with whomever s/he can come up with. Do you really think the veterans would be this irresponsible? Why else would you prescribe drugs that, as a side effect, take this part of a veteran’s life away?
And what’s this: You don’t have PTSD when you have never even tested for it??? What the hell kind of a conclusion is that?
As an added note: This treatment, although it pertains to me only indirectly, is detrimental to my own health. In case you didn’t know, stress can lead to relapses in MS and this is causing a lot of undue stress.
I really hope that a competent physician will straighten things out and my veteran will get the care he deserves.
Thank you.



  1. It’s because the VA is military and they are bigots who associate HIV with “undesirables” like gays and immigrants as policy , painting all with the same hateful brush . The military is staffed by brave blue collar cats , but is overseen by chickenshits nowadays – the posts previously occupied by those who worked their way to the top are progressively being taken by those who inherited it through having a brave parent or kissing ass and are absent on comprehending the human experience . It’s getting like that up here too , with ill patients and amputees sometimes being denied care outright . Nice way to treat our heroes .

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