Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 20 July 2009

Seriously, could this be it?

Ok, I admit this is still way too early to commit one way or another but I think this time is appropriate to do a first evaluation of a blog post I did a few months ago.
My life took unexpected turns and I enjoy them all very much. However, it seems like I’m not the only one being very cautious, very much on my toes, hoping not to wake up one morning and realize it was all just a beautiful lie. Interestingly, we are both constantly analyzing this relationship, trying to scale any expectations back to a minimum, viewing each day together as an unexpected gift. After all, this was never intended to become this deeply felt relationship. A fling, yes. An occasional get-together, yes. Casual sex, hell yeah! We quickly moved past all that.
At this point I feel comfortable to admit that he has many of the traits I am looking for in a man. Although he doesn’t fulfill every single criteria, for example I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know how to fillet a fish, he has a few traits that I failed to mention previously.
First of all, he’s very easy to talk to. It’s still very difficult for me to really open up to someone, to be completely honest to him, but he makes it easy. He seems to share the same need to discuss important relationship issues, such as where are we, what line have we crossed now? Where might we be headed? when we are in bed at night.
Something else I noticed and what I never thought possible is the fact that we share the same sense of organization. I have no problem letting him put stuff away in my apartment, knowing I’ll find it exactly where it makes the most sense.
He finds excitement in the little things in life and he shares many of the same ideas. Even when we have different opinions, they’re not worth a fight, we discuss it quietly and we may agree to disagree, we accept each other’s point of view… or so it seems to me.
He absolutely likes sports & art as much as I do and it’s fun to experience both with him.
I feel that we’re already deeply intertwined in each other’s lives, something I didn’t expect to happen but enjoy very much. We’re both concerned about the well-being of the other, always trying to make sure the other is as comfortable as possible. We share the same passion and many of the same past experiences, which by itself is pretty amazing.
The past 3 months have flown by, it seems as if he’s been in my life for a lot longer. To be honest, he has. We’ve known each other since January and together we have changed, healed in a way, grown closer. Funny what turns life takes sometimes… when we started talking in January, I never imagined we’d meet, let alone be where we are today. Last night he asked me to give him a head’s up should I get bored with him. Right now, this seems pretty much impossible to me. He gives me a comfort level, I have never experienced before. At the same time I’m scared he’ll get bored of me. From the beginning it was clear for each one of us: “What you see is what you get. Don’t expect me to jump through any hoops for you.” So far, this has worked well it seems and I’m curious to see where we’ll go from here.



  1. It's really great y'all are taking this so slow. It gives you time to savor the thought… enjoy the anticipation. I've always been the type to rush headlong in to things, but I'm going to try your way the next time.Very well and beautifully written, Sunje.

  2. Wunderschoener Blogeintrag – freue mich dass es Dir bzw. Euch so gut geht und ihr Euch beide so gut versteht. Liebe Gruesse aus dem heute stuermenden Arizona, Silvia 🙂

  3. I'm so happy for the both of you…I have no doubt at all that you've found a good one.

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