Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 15 September 2009

I’m so fed up…

I am so fed up with this country… I am really tempted to say, y’all got the government you elected, so shut up and deal with it! But in reality, the people in this country didn’t elect the government. Their votes don’t even count, only the votes of the electorate college count and they can still do whatever they want without regard to the popular vote. But even with the popular vote, the current president would be the president of the United States… so essentially, yeah, you got the government you elected, shut the fuck up and accept it!
A lot of people are protesting the projected spending of the government… uhm, where have you been during the past 8 years??? Where have the protests been when the former president spent money left and right and turned a balanced budget into the biggest deficit in history yet? You haven’t been protesting, so shut up and deal with the deficit now!
So, all of a sudden you decide you don’t like how the government works? In case you missed it, that’s the government in the US has always worked! Bills have always been filled with little favors to lobbyists to ensure money for campaigns. Nobody has ever seen anything wrong with it but now, all of a sudden, when there’s a major overhaul of an important issue at stake, it’s wrong?
I’m not saying that major changes are not necessary, that the government itself needs a reform and change how work is done, how bills are changed. But you, the citizens of the United States, are the ones who were always content having two parties, one of them controlling House and Senate as well as the president being the member of that same party, for at least a period of time of each presidency. Whenever the House is represented by one and the Senate represented by the other party, the country is more or less in a deadlock.
You, the citizens of the United States, have never found anything wrong with this, have never contemplated what this may mean to the way your government works.
The biggest problem I see is that you are not protesting for change in how government works, how you vote your parliament, how limited your choices are. You are protesting because you are superficially concerned your president will turn this country into a communist or dictator-lead one. If you opened your eyes you would notice that your country has been almost dictator-lead for a long time already. Whenever majorities in House and Senate as well as your President belong to the same party, you are very close to a dictatorship. Granted, you still have your personal freedoms but your government can do whatever it wants without worries of opposition.
Your country needs more than 2 parties, a multi-party system in which coalitions have to be formed to make decisions, will lead to a much more open dialogue on every issue, it will lead to real compromises. Right now you have one party in charge and one who opposes everything, simply because they are in the opposition. There is no dialogue, no compromises.
Your country needs a legislative reform. Lobbyists have too much influence right now and they will put up one hell of a fight if anyone tries to take it away. But you cannot have bills on important issues that are filled with favors to various lobbyists. No bill about education should have anything else in it except the education-related issue at stake.
Your country needs an election reform. The electorate college has served its purpose 200 years ago but today it is absolutely redundant. You need a system that counts every vote, a system in which your candidates campaign for your vote and not how much money they can raise.
If you still want to protest, go out and do it, it is your right and this right is not exercised nearly enough in this country. But go out and protest for the right issues. More importantly, have your own plan ready. Saying “NO” to everything is easy, having your own solution is not.



  1. Sunje….Great Rant! Protesting the atrocities in our country is not only a right, but an obligation at this point. Unless our people revolt, we will be served with what we deserve.

  2. Great post Sünje! And right on!!HD

  3. I agree with you 100%!!! These are the same thoughts I've had about it all. And also why I don't do politics. I really don't even see the problem with a more socialist government. But. Um. Don't tell Kurtis. He might unfollow me. lol

  4. Its a damn good thing I didn't see anyone post they want more socialist form of gov't or I would have to unfollow them on twitter.

  5. I agree with a few of your points. Specifically, that W spent like crazy. I also agree that we were stupid enough to elect this clown & that we therefore deserve him.Living in a small state, I believe the electoral college is important. It gives us a voice that we wouldn't otherwise have. If we elected our leaders by popular vote, they would campaign in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago & a few other big cities.We have more than 2 parties here; however, if you choose to vote for one of them, you're effectively throwing away your vote. Therefore, I try to work within the two party system.I also believe my side is offering real solutions, but that they are being shut out of the discussion by the current single-party leadership.In any event, I enjoyed your post & am glad you're passionate enough about American politics to publish it.

  6. It's a damn good thing I actually only said I don't see a problem with a more socialist form of gov't. lol

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