Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 1 February 2010

A week full of turmoil

This past week was eventful to say the least. Aside from my daily excitements, two events really brought turmoil in my life.
For one, I’m not the only German at my work anymore. Although he’s only half-German, he was born and grew up in Germany and still knows a reasonable amount of German. This is how we started talking. Soon, I found out that he is in a similar situation I just escaped a little over a year ago. He is in a marriage in which affection and passion no longer exist. This brought back many bad memories to me. I hope he finds a way out. Oh, and if a single woman reads this, who’s interested in dating a half-German guy, let me know. I have his email address to pass out. LOL
But what shook me a lot more emotionally is the re-appearance of a friend of mine. He was my sister’s first real boy-friend and they were together for a long time. When my sister broke up with him, I think I was as devastated as he was. He was almost like a brother to me… and we were pretty much his family. Even after my sister broke up with him, he came to our house often to get advice from my mom or just to stop by and say hi. He always had a tough time. After he graduated from car mechanic school, he joined the military. Instead of just doing the mandatory year, he signed up for 4 years with the Air Force. After this was over, he went back to school, so he would be able to train future mechanics himself. It wasn’t until he was close to graduation that the school told him he didn’t have enough work experience to graduate. In short, whatever he touched that promised to be gold, simply turned to ash. I couldn’t believe that one person could have so much bad luck.
After I moved to the US, we still had brief contact but eventually that faded. He never quite left me, though. I often thought about him, what he might be doing, hoping that all is well. But I never heard from him. I kept the cell phone number I had from him with every phone I had. I just recently deleted it, figured it’s long outdated.
Then came the email. I was tempted to simply delete it because I didn’t know the sender and although the subject was German, I figured it’s spam. Then I opened it and couldn’t believe it. I was so happy to hear from him again after so many years, curious what happened.
Well, today he wrote me in detail what was going on the past 6 or 7 years. Much of it was heart-wrenching. After being with my sister, he was with another woman, who took advantage of him, cheated on him, ruined his life. After he broke up with her, he was homeless, bankrupt. He tried to commit suicide. Although I had no idea any of this was going on, I felt guilty that I couldn’t help. But I think something inside him realized that this wasn’t it. He went through therapy and was eventually able to turn his life around. He went back to school, got his degree, went to college, got a degree there and he found a new girl-friend. She has helped him through the last stages and I’m very happy that he’s doing well. I’m so proud of him, so proud that he was able to turn his life around.
At the same time, I feel honored that I’m the first one he wrote. He didn’t even write my mom yet, although he will. I promised that I won’t tell anything to my family until he does. I just wish I could give him a big bear hug. I know it’s not possible right at this moment, but maybe in the near future.


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