Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 23 March 2010

Immigration Debate

With the healthcare debate pretty much over, the focus will turn to another highly debatable issue: Immigration. The United States have a big problem with illegal immigration. I’m always surprised to hear that illegal immigrants can visit schools, even go to college and, at least in the State of Wisconsin, not even pay the much higher tuition applicable to international students. But of course, international students need a visa; they need to spend a tremendous amount of money on the visa, the tuition and everything else they need to survive while in school.

Don’t get me wrong, I think immigration is essential to every country. I am an immigrant myself, with the little exception that I had to pay a lot of money and meet certain criteria before I was able to get a permanent resident visa.

Now, some of these illegal immigrants currently in this country have been here for a long time and deporting every one of them would not only be very costly on a monetary level but also psychologically. Illegal immigrants have reproduced here, too, their children American citizens because they were born here. Therefore, another solution needs to be found; a solution that does not put legal immigrants at a disadvantage and rewards illegal immigration.

I propose the following: illegal immigrants who do not want to become legal immigrants will be deported. All others will have to apply for a visa, go through the same procedure as legal immigrants, pay the same fees. Everyone with a criminal record will be deported.

After issuing a permanent resident visa, the immigrant will have to pay back taxes for all the years they worked here illegally. As this may be difficult, legal wages for the job and their tax rate shall be used to determine the amount owed to the IRS.

Anything less would discourage legal and reward illegal immigration. Especially if an illegal immigrant just had to stay in the US for x years before automatically becoming legal.


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