Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 8 November 2010

Living with bunny

About a month or so ago, a completely unexpected event happened. A neighbor had found a rabbit and Kurtis brought it home. I wasn’t sure that this was a very good idea but on the other hand, it was certainly safer for the bunny to be inside than outside. At first I was certain that someone had lost the rabbit, but the lack of signs of a missing rabbit proved me wrong. It is more likely that the rabbit was abandoned. That also made it clear that we would keep the rabbit.

Now, to be quite honest, I never really considered a rabbit as an indoor pet. To me, rabbits were either roaming the wilderness or they were kept in a cage as a country pet. This new situation poses quite a challenge as neither one of us knows much about indoor rabbits. Houdini’s behavior is closely observed and before an Internet search is started to evaluate whether this is normal, or not.

Because Houdini has a fungus and is still so new in our home, the bonding process is difficult. How can we possibly explain that medical treatment is necessary and that we’re just doing it for bunny’s benefit? All Houdini sees is those two terrible people who do awful things (spraying the ears and put the medicine on the eyelids and nose). This is certainly a terrifying experience for any rabbit who had to cope with the loss of its original home and survive outdoors. But I hope that once the fungus clears up and medicine is no longer needed, Houdini will have an easier time trusting us.

As much of a challenge it may be to care for a rescued rabbit because nobody knows what Houdini has been through in the past, it is as much a joy to see the bunny run around the apartment, find new spots to hide or just do things that are really cute.


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