Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 27 December 2010

Ignorance is a funny thing

Ignorance is a funny thing… Recently I lost two followers on Twitter over a comment that was meant to just be a joke. The debate that ensued showed me how dumb and ignorant those people really were.

Apparently those people thought that immigrants will have to forever be grateful to live in the US, should never complain about anything and certainly not make jokes about American citizens or the way their country is governed. Uh yeah, right. Now keep in mind, those people have never spent an extended period of time (or any for that matter) outside of their own country. So much for comparison opportunity.

These people apparently do not realize that immigrating legally to the US is not easy, certainly not cheap and we still give up a lot to be able to live there. I had to give up all my friends and my entire family to live in a foreign country that will never be my home the way my native country is my home. In their ignorance, those people neglect the small but important detail that one might get homesick every once in a while, especially around Christmas time.

We immigrants had to get used to life in the US. We get accustomed to the way things are, the way things work, even if we don’t like it and miss the way things were at home. Integrated immigrants learn the language, put up with American food (just kidding) and accept the way everything is. Not because the US are so much better than any other country in the world (they’re not, there isn’t a perfect country on this planet, in my opinion) but because we spent a lot of time, energy and money to live in this country legally. The motivations for legal immigration vary, mine was not because I thought I could have a better life.

When criticism of the US government or its people is answered with the ever popular sentence “Well, if you don’t like it here, why don’t you just go home?”, I tend to get angry. Who do those people think they are? Only because they were never taught to be critical, it doesn’t mean everyone else needs to hold back! Their ignorance prevents them from realizing that legal immigrants pose no threat whatsoever to them, until they become citizens. We cannot vote, we cannot lobby the government to do things the way we would like to see them. On the contrary! We tend to pay more in taxes, get fewer benefits, we are unable to work for the state or federal government with all the benefits those jobs bring.

Yes, if the opportunity arose, I would return home in a heartbeat. But right now, this is not realistic. At the moment I have much of my life set up in the US. I have a job, a place to live. I’m a college student and the man I love is there, too. Moving across the Atlantic is an expensive adventure. Besides, the weather in Florida is quite nice for most of the time, too! Nevertheless, part of my heart will always stay in my native home.



  1. I get the same arguments anytime I’m south of the border. It’s actually quite arrogant. I’;ve spent enough time in other nations to know that others do not treat immigrants in such a fashion.
    After awhile though, Amerks will treat you like a local. It’s especially true when speaking about intelligent folks like yourself.

    Hang in there

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