Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 24 January 2011

The ghosts of times long past

When this past year ended, I was wondering what happened and where everything will go from there. So far, things have gotten more and more interesting. This year may force me to reflect on things that lay long in my past and pick up pieces I thought I had left behind, clean up this past… but for now I’ll wait and see what happens.

It all started when, right around Christmas, there was this email in my inbox. It was a friend request for a German social network from my first “real” boy-friend. I haven’t heard or seen anything from him since we split up about 15 years ago. It was quite a shock and I didn’t really know whether to respond or not. Eventually, after this year started and I was “safely” back in Florida, I decided to respond and we have written emails a few times since. I have come to the conclusion that it was certainly the right decision for me to leave him.

But since then, more people, who I have considered “long lost” and questioned whether or not they ever were friends, have re-emerged. I’m curious where this will lead. Like I said, there are still a lot of loose ends, a lot of unsolved issues and this seems to be the year that all this is re-surfacing and will have to be dealt with.

A part of me is scared, this seems to be part of a bigger plan set out for my life, and I don’t know what it is or what its implications are. Another part of me wants to re-connect and kind of pick up where we left off, just to fill the gaps, to conclude everything. Not sure what will happen but I’ll be sure to blog about it…



  1. Hi Sünje,

    I know what you mean, few “Auld Acquaintances” be forgot in the age of websites, twitter, and facebook. And through friends of friends with friends, your circle is cast wider and ever wider.

    I too had a few old high-school folks write to me. Interestingly it weren’t the ones I was close friends with, but the ones I almost ignored when we were in school. – Now, after so many years, they turn out to be interesting people to talk with.

    Of course having a very rare last name, like mine, helps when others want to google me. In my case there aren’t too many others to pick from.

    As to “old real girlfriends”, Una and I are good friends with my ex-girlfriend for many, many years now, and we visited each other several times. For Una it was something, at the beginning, she needed to get used to; here in the US it is not so common to have friendly relations with ones Exes; but it works just fine in our case

    So, I would say, enjoy the contacts in light of what you are today, and how they might fit into your present life.

    Take care,

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