Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 2 August 2011

It’s all about choice, isn’t it?

After reading this article, I thought about posting a comment but then decided to blog instead. Coincidentally, I have been thinking about a similar issue for a while and my simple answer is that I would choose neither. Isn’t that what everybody wants, to live a healthy life? I have MS, a disease that can potentially be very disabling, that can slowly destroy your life. So is HIV. But this is where the common things end. At least people with HIV know what caused it, there is research into a cure, a lot can be done to prevent it. MS on the other hand is a big unknown. Nobody knows what causes it, nobody knows what can be done to prevent it and a cure? Far, far away. I am not even sure why this is. Is it because MS doesn’t kill people? Does that make it unimportant except for those affected?

I try to ignore the fact that I have this disease for the most part. I’m only reminded by it when I take my medicines which will multiply as the disease progresses and I hate my body for not cooperating whenever existing or new symptoms show up. I want to put blame on somebody, even if it is myself for a wrong decision I made but there is nobody because nothing is known about it. Research simply doesn’t seem to progress, all that is known is that MS slowly destroys the central nervous system. About the why, there’s much speculation and no answer. This makes me hate the disease even more. It makes me hate my doctors, the researchers, the drug companies who think they should be able to charge over $100/day for their prescriptions. Generics are not available.

Don’t frown upon me for being jealous of the HIV+ people. I’m not jealous of their status, I’m jealous of the progress that is made in preventing and curing their disease. I’m jealous of the help and aid they are getting. All I’m ever told is to spend my days in air-conditioned rooms, don’t venture outside, and god forbid, don’t EVER dare to spend the entire day at the beach because I could overheat and make the disease worse. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not doing well with limitations and prohibitions. I have been prohibited from doing the things I would have liked to do all my life… all because of lack of adequate medicine and/or a cure. I’m simply fed up with it and will not allow anyone, not even my own body to limit me in the things I want to do!

HIV is a very preventable disease and most people have the choice to take actions to prevent it. People with MS don’t have this choice… at least not yet.


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