Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 10 September 2011

Saint Petersburg AIDS Walk 2011

Today was AIDS Walk day in Saint Petersburg. I have been wanting to go but the past two years for some reason or another I wasn’t able to go. I have to say that it was a great event, which was probably ended a little too soon because of rain. The turnout, however, was good, I was impressed at the amount of people who showed up in the end to raise money for HIV/AIDS, which continues to be a problem, not only in Africa but in our very neighborhoods. Needless to say, it’s a very expensive disease, too, and requires either a great job with tremendous health insurance or charities and organizations that can help cover the cost of medication.

I find it very important to not only raise awareness that this disease is still around but also to point to the tremendous cost. Today, I met someone, who still manages to live with HIV, after having been infected 30 years ago. Yes, he was one of the first and he’s still alive to tell his story. Most importantly for him, though, is helping children with HIV. That’s why he has those little teddy bears; each teddy bear will help a child with HIV. He had the idea after his first sponsored HIV positive child died. I found this tremendously sad.

I was able to walk most of the walk, although my MS kicked in at the wrong moment and I had to cut it short by about half a mile or so (it was a 5K walk). It was fun and I am proud to have walked with this number of people who are either positive or know someone who is or just want to raise awareness.

If you have an AIDS Walk in your city, please, attend the event and walk! Raise awareness to a disease that still kills people, even in the United States!


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