Posted by: sternenfeeinflorida | 23 November 2011

The reason I don’t care about Thanksgiving

I really don’t care much about Thanksgiving. Yes, I do enjoy the day off from work and the food. But that’s it. Thanksgiving to me should be either a day to celebrate the end of harvesting season or a day of rememberance. Native American history is often overlooked in US American schools. During my sociology class, racism was a big topic, but did anyone ever mention Native Americans? No, not once in the entire book. How’s that for racism?

I bow in respect to those, whose ancestors endured the worst, had to give up their lands to be herded into reservations and yet hold their heads up in pride because of who they are and always will be at heart. These are the people I thank: for not giving up, for not losing faith or hope. These are the true Americans.

A Native View on Thanksgiving


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